Nice Things

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Artwork or sandwiches?

These cool sandwiches are created for the pleasure of the eyes and tastebuds. But don't you think they look too cute to be eaten?


Zen Vision M  Zen Vision M 

An island-wide buying spree was going on last weekend at the PC Show. Rumour had it that all geeky boys and girls, men and women flocked to Suntec City in a rush to pick up a new toy for themselves. Some of my friends joined the sea of people. I decided to stay out. 

During dinner, a friend came with a shopping bag. He had bought a nice white leather pouch at the PC show for a new toy his wife owns. My eyes sparkled while listening to him talking about his wife's new toy. Soon when she arrived, I asked to see it. It wasn't love at first sight but I was pleasantly surprised to see how pretty it was. After watching a brief demo on how to use it, I was absolutely convinced that I should get one for myself. 

The next day, I stood in front of the showcase in the electronics section of a department store. I was looking at the iPod, admiring its beauty, feeling the urge to hold it, yearning badly to own it. My heart was aching for it.  

“May I help you?” a young guy came forward to inquire. I hesitated for a few seconds and mentioned I wanted to look at Creative Zen Vision M. He reached for the little gadget from the showcase and handed it to me. I held it in my hand and examined it carefully. It looked pretty but I was still indecisive. 

I asked the guy: “Between iPod and Creative Zen Vision M, which is better?” I knew the answer but I wanted confirmation.

“Creative Zen Vision M has better functionalities,” the guy replied.

I nodded and stole another glance at the iPod. Sighing softly to myself, I told the guy that I was getting the Creative Zen Vision M. He scurried away to get a new piece for me. 

I wanted the 'best' but the 'best' isn't the best in terms of functionalities and value for money, so I had to settle for the ‘second best’. I consoled myself that external beauty isn’t everything and eventually inner beauty will shine through.

Goodbye iPod but one day I will come and get you. You are still my dearest dream.

Click here to read the features of Creative Zen Vision M

Divi CAM 428 

I have a new toy this week. It is a Creative DiVi CAM 428 and I got it FREE! Free is good, isn’t it? That is why I am chirping like a happy little bird. 

I tested my new toy on Monday. The instructions on video recording are simple to follow. I did not encounter problem while doing video recording and was pleased that the video quality turned out pretty okay. But I did have some problems when transferring the video file to my laptop and getting help through the technical support hotline was a little hassle. I finally got the help I wanted and transferred the video file. The video editing function is pretty straight forward and easy to use. Without reading any instruction manual, I was able to edit the video file on my own. Considering that I am not an IT savvy person, that was a little achievement for me. 

I also tested the voice recording and camera functions. Regrettably the quality of the sound and image is slightly below my expectation. I think I have been too pampered by my superb NIKON COOLPIX Digicam and cannot accept anything that falls short of the same quality level. Nevertheless, I am still pretty happy with the multi-functional camcorder. The little gadget is stylish looking, light-weight and portable, and not forgetting that it is FREE, what more could I ask for?

I am eagerly looking forward to the next KTV session with my friends. I think I am going to have fun again doing the video recording.

Fav Ring  Pearl Necklace  choker  earrings

I made these. Nice? My fav is the ring. I wear it for formal occasions.

Wanna learn to make your own accessories? Check out the short courses conducted in the community centers. For less than $60 (excludes materials), you will learn to design and create your own pieces. Singapore Arts Museum (SAM) also conducts regular Jewellery Making Workshops. The course fees are more expensive than the ones conducted in the CCs but you get free admission to the galleries after the workshop.   

Jewellery Making Courses by the CCs:

Jewellery Making Workshops by SAM:

Nice Card


A little card brings on a smile. A friend gave me this card. I love it. 

(PS: Thanks, Bianca. You made my day.)

Creative_1.jpg creative_2.jpg creative_3.jpg creative_6.jpg  creaive_8.jpg creative_5.jpg creative_4.jpg creative_9.jpg

Ever wondered why some people are more creative and talented by nature? I do, I always do. I always wonder what milk powder their mom fed them when they were babies. How come there is so much creative juice flowing in their heads? Look at the pics, don’t you agree the creators of those cute cool stuff are undeniably talented? 

Next time before you throw away old, unwanted computer peripherals, think how you can recycle them. You never know what surprises you will give to yourself.